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Politicians as quick-change artists (CHMELEONS)-Opportunists

The Politicians in Particular to Andhra Pradesh belongs to all the political parties except Loksatta party that they keep on changing their parties as we can describe them as chameleon from one party to another party(Chameleons are often described as the “quick-change artists” of the animal kingdom, rapidly altering the shade of their skins to blend into their environment)
These politicians want power without that they cannot survive by hook or crook the same persons would like to contest whether for Lok Sabha or State Assembly every term they are contesting. They do not have ethics and morals and ultimately what they want is power or position to safeguard their wealth and properties. They are not at all sincere to safeguard the interests of the people whom they have elected.
We have to mention Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy Who was the Chief Minister and never dreamt that he will become CM and he was doing well and he knows the bifurcation of the state is inevitable and he was helping the high command in the process and suddenly he has realized that even though he was in Hyderabad and he has the seen the power miracle and he has no followers as other politicians has and he belongs from Rayalseema and would like to show his popularity by floating the party . He will damage the prospects of Congress, TDP and YSRCP finally not getting any seats in Seemandhra.
It looks funny that Mrs. Purandeshwari says that Congress was instrumental in bifurcation of state so she has joining BJP. The BJP has supported in favor of Telangana in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Majority of the MP’S shifted their loyalties From Congress to TDP. The TDP claims that the Party has given letter in favor of Telangana then only Congress has taken initiation.

The same case in Telangana Most of the TDP leaders either they are joining with Congress or TRS One interesting phenomena one has to power, these politicians they want the party ticket and at the same time they want their ancestors to get party tickets. These politicians are very clever and no one should contest only they have these privileges Every time they fool the electorate and saying they have to change the party because the people whom they have elected them ask to do so But in reality it is not true.
Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle: Shifting loyalties and changing parties is common in Indian politics. But the 13th Andhra Pradesh State Assembly has created history in the country for the most number of MLAs who have changed parties. In the last five years, more than 80 MLAs changed parties. Some more may do so in the next few days. Six MPs also changed parties. Those who won as Congress MLAs in the 2009 Assembly election have switched over to the YSR Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. Telugu Desam MLAs have moved to the TRS and the Congress.
Seemandhra MLAs have accorded first priority to the YSRC and second to the TD. In Telangana, MLAs gave the first priority to the TRS and second to the Congress. This migration of MLAs has been beneficial for the YSRC and the TRS, while the Congress and the TDP are heavy losers. Some MLAs have changed three parties in the last five years.
The YSRC started with one MLA and one MP; now it has 30 MLAs and three MPs. In the 2009 Assembly elections, the TRS won only 11 seats out of 119, but it has more than 25 MLAs today. So frequent was the floor crossing that when voting was to be held on any subject, the leadership of the respective parties were confused about the number of MLAs they had. Some Congress MLAs joined the YSRC but as per Assembly records they were still Congress MLAs.
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such politicians.
We used to have regard for politicians but when we witness the phenomena is common to the majority of the politicians. The electorate should observe these and should teach a good lesson to such politicians and they should not elect these politicians again and again. The people have to learn lessons and we should boycott the meetings.

   Over a month ago

What are these slogans for? Chandra babu is calling for BC CM; does this mean TDP is against Dalit becoming CM? Similarly Cong., calling for Dalit CM, meaning against BCs? Why Chandrababu named Krishnaiah as BC CM? What about those of 159 other castes in BCs? Makes you wonder what this logic is?
Now that people were divided along regional lines, next thing that is left is caste. As elections are approaching, these slogans are making rounds day in and day out. What this caste based politics supposed to achieve, other than further division? Will Krishnaiah becoming CM create economic opportunities to other hundreds of castes in BC caste category? Then what about other numerous castes in SCs and STs category? Wait for their turn? How long?
If this political philosophy supposed to create economic opportunities to people in India then how many years a particular caste supposed to hold power? How long will it take to trickle down benefits to all other castes? How long shall we keep hearing these caste based politics? On a rough estimate, suppose if term is 5 year for each caste, considering there are 160 castes in BCs, it will take 800 years, leave alone other castes and sub castes in SCs& STs. Even if it is 1 year term, it will take 160 years to cover all castes in Bcs. Does the youth of India has patience to wait that long to avail opportunities or have economic benefits trickle down. Shall they wait that long?
The speech by Chandrababu naidu in Telangana shall be condemned by all sensible people. If he strongly believes BCs shall be made CM for bringing what ever change, why it never dawned on him to make BC CM for at least 1-2 years, in his 9 year term? Is Chandra babu asking/suggesting SCs and STs wait for their chance until all BC castes complete their dream term? Chandrababu naidu is not creating opportunities to BCs but since he is loosing in Telangana he has started spewing venom against KCR, in the name of caste. Why not dalith or BC be given a chance in seemandhra, to create Singapore?
This is a very dangerous political game promoted/played by some demagogues which will not add any value but will create an illusion and a false sense of pride. At the most, it may benefit few elite in those castes but not masses. The way it is being promoted seems to appear as if it is the only way for attainment of social, political, economic justice. At the most, sectarian politics going to create communal animosity and further divisions. It will create communal ghettoization like Muslim ghettos across India.
It is time to point out that caste based politics in Bihar and UP didn't made any significant difference in lives of majority of people. Economic opportunities will not evolve out of caste bashing.
The animosity that is being promoted and propagated among various caste categories by few people for their own selfish gains is growing at an alarming rate. What is to to be realized is that every caste in Indian caste system has played equal role in discriminating every other caste on social, political and economic lines, no exception. From time to time, holding a particular caste (In 70-80's Brahmins, now forward castes) responsible towards so called ills of caste system is just a blame game; it is just a diversionary tactic. But in reality, there is no particular caste to be blamed; blame will not create growth or economic opportunities? In Indian caste system, all castes share equal responsibility of so called ills.
Hope these masses of India will wake up to the fact that political parities are bereft of all ideologies and are literally bankrupt of ideas for creation of economic growth, wealth and jobs to the desperate youth. Political parties are finding ways to shift responsibility to create fools paradise of convenience. This need to be protested by all sensible people.
125 years of Cong which was came into existence to drive out foreigners is openly without any shame is playing regional, caste, religion cards in the leadership of an Italian, a foreigner; but where as BJP, under the leadership of Modi is talking about opportunities and growth. It is time, we through congress out of India. Preferably to Italy in an Italian speed post. We need leaders like Nelson Mandela who can call for reconciliation not retribution for unification and for the benefit of over all society . History can't be rolled back to serve justice to the dead. We have to deal with present and future.
Makes you wonder why hundreds of other castes vote for these parties namely Cong and TDP which are openly excluding other castes? Looks like commonsense is not that common. It is time we look objectively and find sensible solutions to challenges India is facing.

   Over a month ago